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what a bunch of losers . . .

i got bored and made the cheerleader twins in the sims 4 cas demo

seaweed: *talks*


i LOVE how when stacey calls them out the only response is a 2 sentence answer from seaweed which in no way contradicts any of her points but just proves that theyre both immature unwanted little shitstains

can we make like a petition to get seaweed and treebranch out of the fandom i mean




trigenby td-scott

who is being ableist? because some of us dont think ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ are ableist, were bad people? THATS the ableism your fighting against instead of terfs, nazis, and rsj folks?

well as someone who (possibly) has autism, i dont think those terms are ableist. and…

this is it. this is the ultimate meme u guys. seriously please read this please

ok so you didnt answer any of what i said nice nice…

"this is it. this is the ultimate meme u guys. seriously please read this please"

joke’s on u cuz i saw everyone who clicked on that post thru statcounter and i KNOW which ppl aren’t reblogging it……oh trust me……i know……

ok yea whatever you’re doing right now is cool but have you considered reblogging this?

me when someone disses cherriquitecontrary

me when someone disses cherriquitecontrary



The children are forgetting. They’re forgetting theconfessioncam, forgetting Cherri. They don’t remember the original antitotaldramapopulars blog or tdgossipgirl. What a strange new world we live in.

this fucking fandom i s2g. why do you even want to fucking remember that was crap and only crap its not worth remembering

how dare u insult our lord and savior cherriquitecontrary…

how can any of you even blame me for being mean when i’m surrounded by

this every day like??

Anonymous sent:
"AHA and you thought I would be less in the intelligent answer, but I know what you'd say! Prediction. In the future you will also be rude to my friends and I will not let that happen. I will unfollow you because of this stupidity and also you are too cowardly to leave this site and say these horrible things in person. You are very bad and ugly oh stop that same age, "I am beautiful person with friends" shit because they are false, and as you are! Well goodbye."
I am beautiful person with friends

me getting anon hate: wtf did i even do this time
Anonymous sent:
"Ok now listen here mean man. You need to take a breath and relax because you are being very cruel to people and before saying the same old fool "Oh relax I'm a popular person like Heather," you need to think about the feelings of others and stop being the stupid clown! You will leave people alone and let these be! Well the fandom will not be restricted to anyone, and if it should be, we shall leave out the idiotic children such as yourself!"
Oh relax I’m a popular person like Heather