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what a bunch of losers . . .




cass and tasha? more like literally this scene from weeds

this honestly looks like a poster for catfish or somethin like

this honestly looks like a poster for catfish or somethin like


ryan: ugly, bitter, mean

me: beautiful, lovely, is nice to animals

CASS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Stay strong Tasha.

for those of you that don’t know what’s going on:

  • tasha is an evil incarnate
  • we all were ignoring her and asked others to do the same cuz she was getting too much attention
  • depraved of said attention, she turned to cass since apparently cass was the only one who used to be nice to her on her “”main blog”“
  • she harassed cass for a few days and sent them over 200 fanmail
  • when cass didn’t reply, she started posting ella’s personal posts in the tag and photoshopping pictures of my face cuz she knew it would piss us off
  • and then when she threatened to harass and doxx noah cuz she had his ip from one time he visited her blog, cass had to reply and they did and convinced tasha they were friends
  • an hour later cass finally convinced tasha to tell them her identity and shit and she did and she basically said she was a user who was “chased out by the fandom’s populars” and “wanted revenge”
  • so then cass told tasha they wouldn’t be friends unless tasha revealed who she was so she messaged cass on her main account, staceyd123
  • then cass made a fake truce with tasha but tasha betrayed it by continuing to post ella’s personal posts
  • as a result, cass posted stacey’s message to them and everything else you can find on cass’s blog

no receipts for now but i think cass will be posting them later. idk what to say really other than it’s pretty shitty that tasha would go through these lengths to be a bad person and i’d just keep an eye out for anyone who seems suspicious in this fandom

honestly tho it’s pretty obvious who this “”old user that came back to seek revenge”” is and most of the stuff that tasha said to cass is stuff only they would know. tasha has said that this is her last day in the fandom, we can’t be fully sure but this could possibly be the last of the drama

this fandom is so fucked up man..

"i’ve been tasha all along"




"What is it with guys and cat fights?"



Idk where to even start with this one

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

i might be the only person in the world who genuinely dislikes jock